Thursday, April 25, 2013

Never Buy Fish Sticks Again!!! Homemade Fish Sticks Kids Will Love in 6 Easy Steps!

Last week E hit me up for some fish sticks. We didn't have any in our freezer for 2 reasons. Number one, we are trying to eat better and number two as much I also love the little sticks, they kinda gross me out. Not one to disappoint, I improvised.

I grabbed some tilapia out of the freezer (we had tilapia, I'm sure it would work for any other white fish or salmon if you have a really great eater!) and got to work!


1)  I defrosted  the tilapia in the microwave.
2)When it was thawed I cut it into about six pieces.
3) I then took an egg and some milk and mixed them in a bowl.
4) I put some regular bread crumbs on a paper plate and dipped each piece of fish into the egg/milk mixture before rolling it into the bread crumbs.
5)I preheated the oven to 375 and took out a pyrex dish.
6)I sprayed the pyrex with some cooking spray and added a smidge of butter.

I cooked them for about 25 min and turned them halfway.

They looked edible,not as PRETTY per see as the store bought but, aaaaand that's when I noticed John eating them. Adult approved apparently, but would E like them?  He not only ate them, he asked for seconds!

 Lesson learned:kids foods can be made healthy you just have to get creative!

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