Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ask Away Friday w/ the Housewives!!!

So, when I received a message from Penny I knew I had met my BFF in the blogging world, I mean come on her blogger name is The Real Housewife of Caroline County AND she lives in VA and hour away from me! Meant to be, we instantly became blogging friends and she asked me to be her partner for Ask Away Friday. Unfortunately we had to postpone a week because I went and got myself in a car accident, silly me. So here are the amazing questions she asked me and then hop over to her blog and check out the ones I came up with for her!!!!

1.  Do you believe that what goes around comes around (a.k.a karma)?

I live by this. I truly believe that how you treat people and the world comes back to you.

2.  We're going to happy hour what do you order?

Every time I order  a drink I struggle with this question. But right now I really love white sangria. This being said I hope we are not at a Mexican restaurant in which case my order will be horribly inappropriate.

3.  What's in your purse?

The better question is, "What is NOT in my purse?"  Let's take a look, shall we?

In no particular order we've got.... da da da da drum roll please.....
The home of all the Junk! I bought this bag probably 3 yrs ago and I still love it sooo much!!!!
Can you find it all?!?!?!

A makeup bag, MK wallet, anti nausea medicine(migraines, neck muscles issues 2 weeks ago, acar accident 1 week ago and my body is lately reacting my making me sick to my stomach.. this stuff is coming in handy lately folks), 2 ticket stubs from my sister's last play, a program from said last play, 3 walmart receipts, a stack of zebra note cards, a parking time limit reminder from my last trip to Georgetown (I got my 2nd parking ticket ever that trip..) ipad charger, 9 pens, a sharpie, 2 hair clips, tie and an abundance of  bobby pins, a contact case, 3 samples from the chiropractor of "natural pain relieving gel", a receipt from the gas station, 1 tampon, Excedrin, 2 dry cleaner pick up slips, washi tape, a lollipop, a car  phone charger and gps(my car is in the shop) a green marker, 3 crayons, coupons, a dog tag from E's swim class, an id card holder from the cruise we went on in January, an array of random papers,  a necklace I forgot I had, an extra contact, a pack of splenda you couldn't pay me to use, crumbs from what may have once been a cookie?, a mini almond joy wrapper from today,  a $1.92 in change, a purple comb, 2 black no slip headbands, 2 cds, an inhaler(I don't have asthma but I have horrible allergies, did ya'll know DC/Northern VA is one of the worst places to live in the USA for allergies?) spare car keys to John's car..(this was a true find!he thanks you Penny!), 2 Benadryl, 1 bead, a notebook, a charm w E's name on it, chick-fil-a receipt, a tasty kake cherry pie wrapper, 1 green sock, a book, ipad and my phone.

4.  What's the coolest thing you own that you could share with me?

Hmm I don't know what I own that's cool. I have my mom's wedding dress and her wedding band (my parents are divorced). I have my gram's jewelry box that I always thought was so cool growing up. I also have a painting that we found when cleaning out my grandparent's house that was my great-great- grandfather's. I plan on using it in a gallery wall with 2 other prints of similar subject matter that were in my grandfather's bedroom when he was alive. So I guess to me "cool" is sentimental.

 5.  If you could have plastic surgery right now and change anything about yourself, what would you change?

Easy Peasy!!!! LIPO BABY!!! I'd have it all sucked out.

6.  If you had one day to live over again what would it be?

Not to be cheesy and sentimental but I'd go back to my childhood I think for one more day. Maybe a Christmas Eve or a Memorial Day ( we always went to the parade and had an amazing picnic). We were always with my grandparents and my parents were still together and my younger sister. They were always super happy times together and I would make sure to get more pictures and cherish every moment.

7.  What was the PEAK of your week this week and what was the PIT of your week?

The pit was anytime I looked at my stomach and saw all of the bruising from the accident, so gross! The peak was realizing how much I love my fiancé and us telling each other that after a really bad week and a lot of conversations about our relationship.

 8.  What's your most prized possession (can't be an engagement/wedding ring)

Pictures, my small duck that I talked about in my 1st AAF post,

9.  If you could have dinner with any 3 people who would you chose?

My grandma, my grandpa and um well I don't want to insult anyone else so we'll leave it at that! My grandpa passed away in April at 89 yrs old and I miss him like crazy.  Grandma I spoke to today and she is the most funny person you will ever meet. She asked how my computer was doing, meaning this blog and I said good :p

10. If you could live in one city for the rest of your life where would it be?

Anywhere on the beach!!!


  1. love your answers! and good lordy girl you got a lot in that purse! glad my questions made you clean it out :) I'm so excited we did this and that I met my Blogging BFF! I also rock a Michael Kors purse...I mean how perfect could we be for each other!

    1. girl, it's no wonder I have neck issues. I carry a TON in that bag. it's truly a wonder it hasn't broken YET

  2. Sentimental is cool!! I can't believe you fit the pink pad in your purse! LOL The only reason my own purse is tame right now is bc it's all scattered among various diaper bags. If I go through my basket of purses I will still find old movie stubs, receipts, gum and a million different lip glosses that have been abandoned!

    1. oh it stuck out a wee bit lol, but I have to have AT least 1 notebook w/ me at all times!

  3. Your purse can kick my purses butt! I carry only the essentials, if that!

    I like your answers...going back to your childhood for a day and eating with your grandparents. I'm with you on those!

    Enjoy your weekends,

  4. I enjoyed participating in #AAF and meeting you! BTW I met The Real Housewife of MN at BBCMPLS! You should start a network! :-)

  5. OMG, you call your grandmother Grams?? So do I! :-)

    I live at the Beach, but I really wish I lived in the Mountains!

    Thanks for joining in on Ask Away Friday! Loved your answers!

    1. lol. I aspire to live at the beach, don't take it for granted!!!!! go on vaca in the mountains! I actually call her gram lol!

  6. You literally have the kitchen sink in your bag! LOL Hey, once you can find stuff easily, it's all good. And I love that the "cool" stuff for you is sentimental. I think that in itself is really cool.

    1. well now nothing is in it, bc it's all still on my coffee table haha!!! I went out thurs. with a wallet and 9 pens in my purse and thought, wow this is so light.

    2. I know it was 9 pens, bc after I counted I used one of my hair ties to corral them, threw them in the purse and needed a pen thurs and pulled out 9 #overpacker

  7. Oh dear - I hope you continue to feel better after the car accident! I would love to have dinner with my father and his two parents. All three are now deceased and they were three unfathomable losses.

  8. I agree with you. Just like mine, I still love my old Louis Vuitton bags. Still perfect match to my leather bomber jackets.