Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ask Away Friday


I have linked up with the fabulously talented Meg from The Patchwork Paisley for a series

called Ask Away Friday. If you're wondering, "who the heck is meg" well you need to stop

right there and go check her out. Literally like top to bottom check out her blog. Meg, has been

featured on Blogher for her amazing budget friendly nursery and has DIY-ed her cabinets

from ah to ahhhhmazing.  Oh and she's an art teacher in her spare time, but if crafts and art

aren't your thing, just look at her pics of her baby girls they are gerber baby cute :p

So here are the ten questions that she came up with for me..... (my ten for her are featured HERE)
1- What are 3 random facts about you?
1. I did not have sugar until I was 5 1/2 years old. I am also the biggest sugar addict anyone has
EVER met.
2. I taught myself how to float and swim in my 20s.
3. I can bear getting a shot, but having my blood drawn is one of the worst things you can do to me,
other than an IV. I would rather be put under than have an IV.
2- I hear the you have a unique perspective on weddings. Care to share?
I want to be married, but I'm terrified of the wedding. I want gorgeous pictures but I don't want the
 hassle of the "big day".  I also don't want pictures with brown paneled walls in a courthouse.  Or a
curse to be put on me if I elope by my grandmother. If it were up to me I'd snap my fingers and we'd
already be married and it would be done with.
3- Who is your celebrity crush?
Josh Duhamel is up there in the top 3. He's tall and handsome..2 of my requirements.
4- Take a pic or describe one of you most cherished possessions. Why is it so special?
I have a set of porcelain ducks that I gave my grandpa when I was younger. I had purchased them at
our elementary school's santa shoppe when I was pretty young. we had a thing for ducks, he and I.
 When I went away to college he wrote me a letter and gave me the big duck, but kept the little duck.
 When he got sick he kept that little duck next to his bedside for months. After he passed that was the
 one thing that I NEEDED to have with me and it sits in my jewelry box.
5- Finish this sentence: The last time I laughed until I cried...
I often laugh until my eyes water. I think the most recent was last night. I've been re- watching all of
the episodes of Arrested Development (one of the few shows that make me literally, laugh out loud)
 and John has never seen it. I was re-enacting a scene for him and he just wasn't laughing so I kept
doing it and the more I acted out the RIDICULOUS line the harder I laughed. He never did laugh
, but he cracked a smile.
6- If you could afford one luxury item to splurge on, what would it be?
A personal masseur to be on my beck and call 24/7. I am constantly cracking my neck and stretching.
 It would be heavenly to have massages on demand.
7- If you could trade lives with anyone for one day, who would it be?
My cat, I'd like to know what the hell she is thinking. To quote John, "She's a cat only a mother
could love."  she has even been on an unsuccessful round of antidepressants, Minnie has a mood
disorder we think.
8- How would you describe your style?
 I either look like I just got back from the gym ( I probably didn't) or I'm in a sundress or some sort of
 scarf and jeans ensemble.
9- Do you have any traditions? (holiday, family, friends etc.) 
So, so many. My family is deeply rooted in tradition and I've passed that on to my family.  We have
always read "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve, we have 3 holiday movies that we
 HAVE to watch every season, thanksgiving morning is supposed to be spent watching the Macy's
 parade and drinking hot cocoa (I've lapsed the last few years) Lots of specific special foods &
cookies  for each holiday and the list goes on for each holiday and birthday .....
10- What is your favorite blog post?

Hmm my favorite post ever is not my greatest. It's not one where I shared something I was proud that

 I made or cooked. It didn't get the most hits and I don't even know if it contained a picture to be

honest with you. It was very early on in my first month of blogging and visually it looks pretty worse

for wear. But it was from my heart and it was a sweet memory of a typical day with E. It showcased

his sweet side and our friendship. I talked about how life with a then 4 year old can be hard and the

questions that they ask can sometimes be daunting but you answer them with honesty and to the best

of your ability. And yet, they can also hit YOU like a ton of bricks. . I don't know if I touched upon it

 per se in the small little space but at the time of the convo we were having about heaven, E had no

idea my Grandpa was sick and he began talking to me about how when we die our new home is in

heaven. I know right, he was four!?!? HIS words somehow helped me a few weeks later as I sat in a

funeral home and tried to choke back a eulogy. To me, that's some pretty heavy stuff.

Thank you to Meg for letting me play along!




  1. How did you teach yourself to swim when you were that old? My bf can't swim and I'm trying to hard to teach him but so far it has been a lost cause. That convo with E sounds so sweet. Sometimes kids know just what to say and they have no idea how profound and meaningful it is.

    Happy Friday!

  2. LOVE your answers and so glad you joined us this week. It really was fun getting to know you AND you learned some HTML stuff!! Woo Hoo! I was so touched to read about your Grandpa and the ducks and how your 4 yr old helped you through it. Sometimes the innocence of a child can be staggering. They see things so clearly.

    1. THANK you for allowing me to join in! I love your questions!!! they sure do!

  3. This is a nice way to meet you! Great answers! Honestly, me and hubby felt the same way about our wedding. It was extremely small and came together quickly (we had a 6 week engagement lol). But we had family and friends who wanted something so they put it together and it turned out to be very beautiful. Wow answering questions by a four year old seems challenging. That gives me something interesting to look forward to :)

    1. is your family free by any chance to plan mine any year in august haha! have no idea!

  4. You are hilarious with #7 question but I have to admit I'm wondering too, what the heck are they thinking about lol.

  5. I cannot stand shots, having my blood drawn, or IV's; and I have had three children, two tattoos and my nose pierced {?}
    I love your duck story, so sweet! Definitely a cherished possession.

    1. I know, it makes me feel like a big baby but it's the worst part of any procedure/surgery for me. Thanks for reading! I'll be by your blog later today!

  6. So happy you joined us this week! Loved your answers and can't believe you were able to teach yourself how to swim! That's awesome! Your porcelain duck story is so touching...I can understand why that would be an item that means a lot to you.

    Thanks again for joining us and I hope to see you next week :)

    1. thank you for your kind words and welcome!!! just b/c I can "swim" doesn't mean it's pretty!

  7. Awesome questions and answers! Sounds like we have similar fashion styles! LOL! And I also literally laugh out loud at Arrested Development. They are all insane! I love how your favorite post wasn't necessarily around a popular post but something that was close to your heart. I think sometimes we focus too much on numbers and writing what we think other people want to read and we often lose our voice along the way. Great job!

    1. Isn't it the best!!!! I could quote so many right now, but I don't even know HOW to choose 1! I agree about losing our voice sometimes!!!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one with irrational fears - mine are of clowns, though - not weddings. Nice to meet you and learn a little about you, Lauren!

    1. OMG I found the funniest looking clown statue at Goodwill yesterday too! I should have taken a pic for you! Thanks for the sweet welcome!

  9. After you, can you send the personal masseur my way? LOL Great Q&A! :)

  10. Glad to meet you! This link up is so much fun! I would love all those massages back and neck is always killing me! I'm sure it's due to this computer than I am so addicted to because of my blogging! I loved how your 4 year old was able to help you through your grandfather's death. Kids can be very perceptive.

    1. my neck and back too! I think my heavy purse makes my right side hurt and when I am on the comp I lean to the left haha so that irritates my left side! I'm a mess!
      Kids are amazing, most of the time :p

  11. LOVE the story about the ducks. So sweet!
    Stopping by from #AskAwayFriday.

    Wendy May @

    PS: stay away from sugar :)

  12. Love this post. I always enjoy reading about bloggers and getting to know more about them and not just about the cool things that they make and create.

    I can relate with you on the duck story except with my grandpa is was Dodger baseball cards. Every time I got any in a new pack I would give them to him and when he passed I wanted them so badly but never got them.

    Sugar is my best friend and my enemy especially when I "hibernate" during the summer, lol.

    Twinkling Trees

    Oh, and I would love to have an on call masseuse. It would be great for once the kiddo went to bed.

    1. awww, i'm sorry you didn't get them, that breaks my heart. but at least you have the memory!!!!

  13. I'm guessing I could give you a run for your money in the biggest sugar addict department! Oh my sweet tooth gets me in so much trouble, especially when our kids catch me sneaking something in the kitchen and I have to figure out how to make them eat fruit or cheese instead of my cookies!
    So glad to see you on #AskAwayFriday!

    1. hahaha, I'm trying to eat better right now and it's hard to resist the sugar 15x a day !