Friday, June 28, 2013

easiest/best chicken tenders ever!!!

As a stalker lover of pinterest I am constantly finding mind blowing ok things to pin. Being the

novice chef that I am, I do from time to time pin recipes. Occasionally these recipes turn out to be

 duds *cough* 3 three ingredient cookies. Seriously, who thought a cookie made out of bananas, oats

and one other ingredient would be a good idea? It wasn't, don't pin it, don't try it and most certainly

if offered DO NOT eat one! Anyways, when I find a scrumptious recipe I want to share it with all of

my friends, neighbors and strangers. I'm not joking, I like to share my knowledge for

good. My qualifications for a recipe are as follows..

1. Must be easy

I don't want to be sitting in my kitchen for four hours slaving away over the stove. "Ain't nobody got

 time for that!" Unless you are a professional chef or Martha Stewart, lets be honest here, simple is


2. I will avoid any recipe that has an ingredient I can't buy at a normal grocery store

I am not going to search high and low for some fancy shmancy ingredient/herb/spice. Rest assured I

am the last person who would order anything off of the internet for a dish. Now if we were talking a

craft project, forget it I'm all yours but cooking? Nope not gonna happen.

3.If it fails the four year old test and the John test it's out

Really? I'm going to make a dish, meal for myself? Just being honest.

So back to my pinning. I found a recipe for Weight Watchers Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken. It

looked easy peasy and a great alternative to chicken tenders which E begs for.  I loved that it was

W.W. which meant it had to be low fat, right?! Now if you know one thing about me it's that I never

follow a recipe, oops. The same rang true for this one, right off the bat I left out the dill and was too

lazy to grab shoes to walk down to our garden to grab a scallion. so scallions and dill you can cross

 off of your grocery list. I typically double a recipe since since John and E are big eaters (yes he's

only 4 1/2 ) and I also add extra  pepper to everything and less salt.

 step #1 defrost your chicken tenders...I bought a frozen bag of them.

step #2 get two bowls ready

        -crush your cornflakes in one

        - add your honey mustard dressing*, pepper and salt in the other (totally recommend Ken's

Steakhouse Dressing, it's a perfect chicken tender dipping sauce)

*They said to use lite dressing, I of course deviated from this, being the rebel that I am

step#3 spray your 9x13 pans with ample cooking spray and preheat oven to 425

step#4 dip your chicken tender in the honey mustard sauce

step #5 dip your wet chicken tender into the cornflake crumbs, flip and repeat(I really crush the

crumbs onto the chicken to make sure it sticks)

step#6 put the tenders into the 9x13


step #7 cook for 30-45 min. until the cornflakes start turning mid- darker brown DO NOT FLIP the

chicken tenders midway*

*I did this the first time and it made a mess and didn't taste as tender

step #8 thank me b/c you will be enjoying an easy/ low fat/ yummy meal : P

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  1. My kids love chicken tenders. Whenever we go out to eat they're the first thing they ask for. Thanks for sharing a healthier version.

  2. These were sooo easy and sooo yummy!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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  3. Corn flakes, which is one of my favorites. the recipe made with it must be delicious.i want to try it definitely as it looking Awesome.
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  4. Yummy! I have to try this. I am all for your cooking "rules"....I am no chef! LOLaimee

    1. they are kid and adult approved! I love to cook, but I have my limits!!!

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