Friday, July 12, 2013

Mirrored tray turned chalkboard

Happy Accidents 

Let's revisit one of my treasures from thrifting the other day; shall we?! If you remember I purchased

this sweet, little tray last week. It was a bit of a gold color and I thought that it would look superb in

silver . It would also match more of  our bedroom dĂ©cor in that shade.  Here are some pictures before

applying  my trusty rub N buff in a silver finish.

 close up on the inside(notice the gold)

close up of the outside 

I took a look at how the mirror was attached and figured out a way to dismantle it without any harm
 to the mirror or tray.  I figured that this would be the easiest way of applying the rub N buff without
 the hassle of painters tape. It also allowed me to get into every crevice and corner. However, as with
 every situation in life when my inner jiminy cricket issues me a warning I should know by now to
 listen to it. On this particular day E and I were watching cartoons in the morning while crafting.
Something told me to put the mirror above the fridge. I neglected to do so and E picked up the mirror
 to admire himself. I told him not to touch the mirror.  Again something told me to put the mirror
 on top of the fridge. I was too afraid that it would somehow slip and we'd have broken glass on the
 floor. Instead I placed the mirror on top of a tote bag that was sitting on the armchair.  An armchair
that E never sits on mind you. Not five minutes later I heard craaaack. E had decided that  he wanted
 to sit on the chair, in doing so he had slid the bag and mirror onto the floor.  The mirror  survived the
 fall, but not him stepping on it. eeeek!!! I was 2 feet away the entire time, Go figure. Luckily the
crack was straight through and no shards came out and no one was hurt ,  except for
the mirror.
Now I had a silver tray and no mirror. What's a girl to do?! When in doubt, chalk it out! I added some
 chalkboard paint and it instantly became a whole new project! Not what I expected, but I love it all
 the same!

doesn't it look cute next to my repurposed candy dish/ ring holder!
perfect as a catch all for my watches and sunglasses .

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  1. Beautiful job, Lauren. Silly me, I always pass on these while at the thrifts store. I just purchased a wood tray for my husband to use. But a metal tray would have been so much nice.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your kinds words about my son and his room.

    1. I love any tray! Thanks and you're welcome!

  2. That tray was too pretty to be left in a store getting dusty and look at it now, it looks fantastic what a great up cycle! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my wall art :) Nice to meet you

  3. that turned out great especially nice when you can still use it after it was broken! this has happened to me and I need to either replace the glass or chalkboard it- great job!