Friday, October 18, 2013

The Friday Five!!!! Fall festival, Martha Stewart & fall TV

Linking up with Darci, Congrats to Christina!, Liz & Natasha for another Friday Five!
1) First off can I just say I think Fall TV this season is really good? Does anyone agree or disagree?! I'm loving Hostages, The Miller's. Mom & The Crazy Ones for new shows. And how did I miss four years of Modern Family, that show is sooo funny! Why did no one tell me about this before now!? Shame on all of you!

2) I did an interview series with some girls for the "Ask Away Friday" series and one of my questions included, " what is in your purse, show a picture." This is just half of the crap I pulled out.....for the full list of "essentials" click the link above....some important items included $1.92 in change and an id card holder from our cruise LAST January.

3) I'm sure by now ya'll have heard what our dear, sweet friend Martha had to say about us bloggers recently. So my #3 is dedicated to my open letter to Martha Stewart check it out!

4) We're going to another pumpkin patch on Saturday and I'm super excited for the cider, pumpkins, hayride and animals. I'm sure E will enjoy it too....

5)I've signed up for my first ever booth at a craft festival and I'm beyond excited! The thought of anyone wanting to purchase something that I made is thrilling to me! I'm going to be making some rag wreaths, fabric pumpkins and Christmas snow globes out of jars for starters!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. So exciting you're doing a craft booth!! I hope you get lots of sales :)

  2. Enjoy your weekend great five on I have to go back to work! :( but TGIF:)

  3. thanks girl!!! have a fabulous weekend!

  4. stopping by from the linkup! yay!!! love the precious fall theme of this post! tv included! LOVE IT!


  5. It's a girl thing that all our purse are filled with makeup sets, lipstick and other girl things. During party, I used to hangout with my friends with my brown bomber jacket. Of course, my purse is always with me to be ready to refill my makeup while in the party. It's called a girl thing!