Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Blog?

I decided to write a blog for a number of reasons.

#1) I want to share my tips for saving money

I love to read, anything and everything. Lately I've found myself reading a ton of blogs about saving money and living a less complicated more clean life. I've found myself inspired to do so with my own family. I've always been a bit of a bargain shopper. However, since quitting my job I've noticed how much money I used to waste on lunch break trips to Target and oh so many, "what a great deal this is items". My NEED to shop once I stopped went down significantly  Once I kicked this habit, I wondered what other ways that I could save money.

I've always liked coupons and would occasionally buy the Sunday paper to get them. Instead of worrying baout whether I remembered to pick one up I decided to go ahead and order the paper. I ordered the Sunday paper ONLY ON  Sundays to get the coupons, .70 versus $1.98 a paper. Each paper saves me at least $2-$5. 

 I also learned that making dinner on a whim , means a trip to the store each day and a bunch of "extras". The more you go, the more you buy. Making a menu for the week and a grocery list works much better. ooh and a list, without my list I'm lost! I am a visual person to a T!  If I don't write it down, chances are I'll forget it. It also makes for a much more sane me. Having more control over the menu has let me get more creative in the process. I'm experimenting with vegetables I've never cooked before and they are turning out amazing! I recently learned something that blew my mind. I thought that by going to walmart I was automatically getitng "the best deal". wrong! those weekly circulars can def. beat walmarts prices. Hello $10 for $10 deals if you are in the Northern Virginia area! So it def. takes more time and a little planning, but well worth it. Also, that's where I may come in. If I'm doing it for my family, why not share the info?!?  Or if you sit down with your list and the internet for a few minutes before going to the store you can do it in your area. I managed to save $11.10 by doing this on a minor trip this week. Add in $2 in coupons and I saved $13.10! A 4Lb bag of oranges was $2.98 at walmart, but $1.79 at another store, by price matching I bought 2 and saved $2.38 and only had to make one stop!  I also tagged along on a trip to Costco with my friend. I price checked a few things and realized I can get some great deals there as well. My contact solution CLEAR CARE is $9.99 a bottle, at Costco for $17.99 I can get the equivalent in ounces of 3 bottles. Even if I had a $1.50 off coupon for 2 bottles, I still managed to get 1 bottle for free and skip cutting coupons worth $3!!!!! If something in bulk is too much for your fridge, freezer, pantry consider splititng it with a friend. My friend M and I both lack freezer space so we split a pack of turkey meat and voila, half the space and half the cost! The bulk rate also beat any competitors $ per LB price. Plus it was just fun to grocery shop with a friend!

Kids clothes: If you shop at Target for your kids clothes GO ON TUESDAYS! They do their markdowns for these on Mondays. Children's Place has an email list you can sign up for that always sends coupons. At checkout, if you forget your coupon, ask if they have any left that you can use. It has worked for me 50% of the time!

If you are still at Target, you can combine a target coupon with a manufacturer coupon as well, FYI!

When I buy books we have a great hlf priced/used book store here in Northern VA.  When I'm done reading my books I sell them back to the store and get credit for more books.

And my new favorite!!!! I started a garden! Stay tuned for updates!


  1. Hi Lauren! These are great tips. Lot of things I already do, but some are new ideas for me. Thanks for sharing this. Sounds like we like the same stores (Target & Children's Place). :) It's been a long time since I've commented on one of your blogs! Yay.

  2. I'm already hooked and you're only on the first post! Sounds like the perfect start to an awesome blog!

  3. Thanks guys! Lisa, Just wait till my Goodwill/Salvation Army tips!