Thursday, May 30, 2013

Confessions of pretzel salad

"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. ”
Coco Chanel

This sums up how I feel about this weeks pretzel salad disaster. I have always loved going

to a picnic and realizing someone has had the good sense to bring strawberry pretzel

salad. My mom never made it and despite what she now says, never used to like it. A few

 months ago I had the realization that I no longer had to wait for pretzel salad to find

me, I could make my own! Off to pinterest I went, and that's where I found

it...RASPBERRY pretzel salad. The mecca of all pretzel salads. I HAD to have it.

Ingredients purchased, The Bachelorette on and I was ready to go. Step1, crush

pretzels, I did this while watching the men vie for des' attention. A magician and a suite

of Armor, really? Bringing your child? WHAT a ploy (although I do kind of like that guy)!

John wanted to know where I stood on a guy being shirtless for the entire night, would I

give him a rose? I think I'd give him a shirt. Ooops, I just flung crushed pretzels across the

living room. Maybe making this while watching the bachelorette wasn't my best idea

ever. So the Bachelorette went on and the pretzel base was made. The cream  cheese,

sugar and cool whip middle was completed and pretty yummy if I do say so myself ( the

cook has to taste test, right?!?) Next the recipe told me to place it on the hot pretzel

 crust. I had my doubts about this but I did as I was told. Mistake #1, always go with your

 gut. Then I made the jello. The recipe told me to take my 9x13 out of the fridge and put

the boiling jello/raspberry mix onto my "now cooling" cream cheese mixture. Again I

thought," this doesn't seem like a good idea." The cream cheese bubbled up the jello

went under, over and around and I stood there staring at what was supposed to be my

blue ribbon dessert.Hoping to save it by some miracle I threw it in the fridge just in time

to see bachelor #20 beg  Des to go into the fantasy suite with him for the 3rd

time...SECURITY. This all leads me to confession #1...while some of the jello set and I

had a disaster of a dessert on my hands, that did not stop me from single handedly

eating 3/4 of it myself, for breakfast and/or a midnight snack. It didn't turn out quite

right, but I worked with what I was dealt. I hope Des can do the same.

Aside from the above story, I actually do quite a bit of cooking. With that being said my

cutting board gets a lot of use. confession #2  It's with much shame that I actually

learned the proper way to "cut" an onion from a reality tv show. "well, that's not so bad" 

 you're thinking, assuming by reality tv I mean something like "Chopped" or "Top Chef".

No, I mean "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".  I told you it was shameful. New

castmate Lydia was  being shown how to make lasagna and told her mom she learned how

to chop an onion from her husband. There I am thinking," oh, so that's how it's supposed

to be done. THAT makes MUCH more sense!" Well I may chop an onion the wrong way but

at least I know how to make lasagna!!!! Or at least that's what I told myself : (


  1. i love that you were making this while watching the bachelorette, it makes it that much more entertaining! i totally fell for Ben too, even though the kid thing was kinda lame. i'm sure i would have eaten it too, you wouldn't want all of that delicious-ness to go to waste!

  2. Confession: I made the dog think I was bringing him to work with me this morning (If you mention the word "go," he's ready!), which sounds evil, I know. But it makes me feel warm and fuzzy when he wants to go with me. haha

  3. If you ever have an cooking questions you can call me. That recipe was messed up because you should have cooled the crust and then for the jello either have let it cool or used the quick set iced cube method because that would cool it down quicker :)

    1. This is your cousin Erin. My iPad doesn't like the comment feed.