Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Midweek confessions



I fell in love with the blog E, Myself and I this week  and her "Midweek Confessions" is my

 absolute fav. part of the blog.  So when she  offered a LINKUP I jumped up and took it!

Time for my very own little version of "midweek confessions" dum dum dum ( that was

 my drum roll folks). Saturday I came down with my 2nd sinus infection pretty much 

 exactly 1 month to the day of the 1st one, this time with the lovely add on of bronchitis.

At the same time John's gma was taken to the ER, 3.5 hours away down in  Norfolk, VA. 

So John rushed down to be with her and I stayed with E. I told him we were having our

very own Lauren and E sleepover. Confession #1, Sat.morning was raining and disgusting

out. E's tball game was supposed to be cancelled so I  stayed in bed and slept instead of

 going to team pictures. When I woke up I had not only missed the pictures but the game

 had somehow managed to go on despite the wet field, great. Last year I missed every

game due to work, this year I'm at 95% of practices and almost every game( unless we are

 out of state/town visiting family.) 

Confession #2 I spent a large portion of Saturday reading blogs on the Ipad. Like a

ridiculous amount of time.  I pretended to watch JAKE and the neverland pirates and

DocMcStuffins but really I was finding a ton of new blog addictions. I made dinner and

played and all the while, I was thinking of those blogs. I was obsessed on a Saturday.

Moving on in the week to  Confession #3  I gave a time out in the middle of CVS, yes you

 read me right. I threatened it, three to five times, I was ignored over and over and was

even growled at and I gave a time out right then and the chip aisle. He's

smarter than I thought. I wasn't even buying chips, how we ended up in his fav. place, I'll

never know. He can't read but I heard his tiny whispers of, "nacho cheese, cheetos, fritos

and bbq." He started to move down the aisle and I made him go back to the start of the

aisle and so we went.

Monday was a rush, It was our first day without daycare. I woke up feeling muuuuuch

worse and could barely get out of bed. I scheduled a dr. apt and took a steaming hot

shower. I had 5 min. left to get ready before I had to pick E up from pre-k. I grabbed  the

Ipad, a book for him and a granola bar as a snack until I could get him lunch after my dr.

apt and ran for the door. The doctors with a 4yr old lets not even talk about that! oh and

the ipad is only helpful if the games are saved on the desktop b/c they wont give you the

password for the internet btw, way to go medical practice!

Confession #4 it wasn't until 6pm that night that I realized my underwear was on inside

out. I can't even say I had on a solid color and it was any easy mix up, these were brightly

colored, pretty floral, with a bow on the front, a freakin BOW and I still managed to wear

them and not notice all day  : ( way to go lauren.

confession #5 I wear yoga pants,  a lot, sometimes I wonder if this means people will

actually think I worked out. Then I think, they prob wonder why I haven't lost any

weight : / 

 confession #6 I gave E a smore Saturday night as an extra special surprise for our Lauren

and E sleepover. We try not to give him a lot of unhealthy snacks/ sugar and It was his

first ever smore. I was soooo excited to share such a childhood love of mine with him. I've

 been wanting to make him a smore for awhile now and this seemed like a great chance!

Last 4th of July I bought stuff to make them and he left too early to go to his mom's. So

when I saw the smore display at the store on Friday I was so excited.  His eyes lit up as

we toasted the marshmallows and then disaster struck, kid couldn't deal and I have to

admit I was disappointed. He hates getting messy and wanted THREE paper towels to wipe

 his hands as he ate...all THREE bites!!!! I'm an adult and I felt guilty for feeling

disappointed. He enjoyed his three bites and that's all that matters, I guess. I enjoyed the

 remaining bites and that counts for something I suppose.


  1. You've gotta find a new medical practice! Mine has easily accessible wifi everywhere. I love it! Don't feel bad about reading blogs, while E watched tv. Would you feel guilty if you were reading a book, while he was entertained by the television? It's really no different.

  2. Wow, I LOVE these confessions --- especially your comments about wearing your underwear inside out and yoga pants - I do the same things and have the same thoughts ALL the time! :) I'm so glad we "found each other" and you joined in today!!

  3. thanks for your comment on my blog! i love your confessions, especially about the s'mores! i am a lover of them too, even if they make my hands sticky. they are so worth it! :] && wearing yoga pants all the time is totally acceptable. all the cool kids do it! :]

    1. Lauren, I promised to read your blog! Inside out underware is being GREEN. You turn them right sideout the next day and wear saving soap use, water and electric for drying. Ireceived this sage advice from Jake on Two and a half men.
      But,the topic is a little uncomfortable.
      love Uncle Tom
      P.S. Yes Paige, you may laugh!