Wednesday, June 26, 2013

confessions part 4, how to get in trouble at chick-fil-a

Today I'm making a big confession.  I've hid it from all of you for months and I need to come

clean. I love, love,  love reading blogs. I get inspired by them, I want to create more, blog more and

become organized (notice I left out MORE in front of that one :p ) while reading my daily favs..

However, there is one caveat.  The blog-ception if you will. I read a very small handful of fashion

blogs and there is one blog that just irks me. So you'd assume any normal person would stop reading

the blog, but I cant quit, it's like she's got a hold on me and I want to see what interesting outfit she's

put together this time. Don't get me wrong I don't claim to be a fashionista, I have my own share of

mishaps.  Hello, yes I'm speaking to you my multitude of yoga pants, racerback tanks and that one

pair of holey jeans that John hates. BUT, if my blog was a fashion blog and I was taking 4+ pics a

day of myself I would at least IRON my outfit prior to the pic, wooooooooooosh, feels good to get

that off of my chest. I know we all walk out of the house wrinkled from time to time and I'm not

knocking her for that. I'm glad she's keepin it real, just could we iron maybe once a week!? I feel like

 a bitch admitting this, she's probably super nice and we would probably even be friends in real

life, but it is confession Wednesday. I guess this is why I don't have a fashion blog, I can be wrinkled

 and revisit my yoga pants anonymously to my hearts content.

While I'm confessing shameful secrets lets move on to the next one, shall we? I got reprimanded in

the chick -fil-a play place yesterday.  I promised E that we would go to the playground, so of course

it rained. After a long morning of swim class, playing at home, lunch, a dr.appt and a quick trip to

DQ for a sprinkle cone we had some energy to burn off. E chose chick-fil-a as his indoor playground

 du jour.  We'd already had a healthy lunch AND a sweet treat so we made a deal, we would play but

no chicken nuggets or snacks. Obviously we couldn't just use and abuse the play place so I purchased

my absolute favorite, I'm drooling as I type, a large coke with lemon in a styrofoam cup...swoon. Off

 we went. E concurred the tunnels and mastered the slide while I played on the iPad and sipped my

coke.  Two sips, that's all I took before my drink fell and burst all over the carpet. I had to do the

walkof shame up to he register and tell the young girl that I spilled my drink everywhere . She was so

sweet and brushed off my attempts to help. I still managed to pick up all of the ice and lemon at least

. Then the young guy that worked there told me that "accidents happen" and got me a new drink, man

 I love that place. Until the manager came in and yelled spoke sternly to me. She pointed out the

laminated poster stating no food or drink allowed and pointed to the carpet and said, "that's why" lol.

Then asked me to leave my drink on the table outside of the play place. Um yeah no. I'm not leaving

my drink on some random  table to come in and out to grab. Or take up one of your tables for no

reason, and if I sit at one of the tables E will be in and out to "tell me something."  How bout I learn

from my mistake and keep my drink on the floor, mmmkay?

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  1. The nicest people in the world work at at Chic Fil A. I'm sorry you got yelled at!