Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pretty Wicked Moms

"I told him, I am just too posh to push" Emily, P.W.M

Like most gals my age I love a bad reality show. However, my new favorite guilty pleasure deserves

an award. Yes, it's that good/bad. Pretty Wicked Moms on lifetime is all it claims to be. Over the top

 moms who in 3 episodes have hooked me in with their claims of being," too posh to push" and

leaving their child home sick on Halloween to attend a family costume party dressed as a sexy pirate.

The "doggy mom"Nicole  (her only child is a dog) is sadly the most sane of them all. Nicole and her

BFF, Emily make the show!

What keeps me coming back are the one-liners from "Queen Bee" Emily. So far she's had the above

comment as well as bawling when the nanny went on vacation for a week leaving her alone with her

daughter Amzie. Nicole asked her what her daughter ate and she said she didn't know she forgot to

ask the nanny. My favorite was when she let her little girl drink coke and said," I mean I have lived

on sugar my entire life. That's why I'm so sweet." classic! Then, bless her heart, Emily trying to be a

good friend, asks if it's ok to give Amzie a lollipop, "Yea, like that kind of sugar is ok." As opposed

to the other kind?

Photo courtesy of lifetime

As they are getting ready for the Halloween party Emily holds her hands up to her tiny cheekbones
 and says,  "I am just emaciated!"  To which Nicole asks," what does emaciated mean, is that like
evaporated?" To Emily's credit she is honest and says," I don't know" and looks completely confused.
 There was a scene when the two of them are filling out absentee ballots and can't figure out what
straight voting is. They assume that it's because they are heterosexual. They are like a modern day
Lucy and Ethel only blonde and well you catch my drift. Sadly, I can't wait for the next episode.


  1. I haven't watched this show yet but if it's anything like Dance Moms I have a feeling I could get hooked!

    1. It's so funny. I have a feeling you might like it!