Wednesday, June 19, 2013

midweek confessions part 3

Since we last confessed I did it again, I bought another workout outfit. Go

ahead, ask me if I've made it to the gym or worked out, I dare you. We all know

the answer. But I must say these new yoga pants are Ah-maaazing, they stop

right after your knee and are perfect for all of my daily business meetings at the

pool and/or the park :p

I'm also embarrassed to admit that I did something today that I have never

done before in our current house. We have lived here for 15 months and I have

never cleaned the fridge. Disgusting I know.  Don't get me wrong , its been

cleaned. However, this particular chore has been left up to John.  I took

everything out and deep cleaned from top to bottom. Parts of the fridge that I

didn't even know were removable were coming out. Over an hour went by and

WOW. Looking at it now, I don't know how I lived with the "before". We are now

 nice, sparkley and organized. Until the top shelf fell down on John 30 min. after

 he walked in the door, as I was walking out the door to karate...true story.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I may rely on the 4 yr old more than I should.

 Case in point, Last week I realized I had lost my license. This wouldn't have

been such a big deal except for the timing of it. I realized I lost it when I went

to get my passport. The passport that I had to wait over 2 months to schedule

an appointment for. Luckily the lovely lady at the post office fit me in for the

next day at 10 am, IF I found my license.  Since I don't use my license on a

daily basis I truly began to freak out wondering how long it had been missing.

Then I remembered 2 little gems...pool pass IDs and the bank. Both chores

 required my ID and both had occurred within the past week. I knew my id was

at the HOA office. It wasn't. resume freakout. Then I looked at E and asked him

to start naming all of the places that we had been, "We went to target, oooh

and we went to that other target." hmmm I see a pattern building. kid has a

memory like an elephant and continued to name 5 more places we had been

that would never ask for my id. I knew there was no way I would have been

stupid enough to leave my license at the bank, but seeing as how we were

driving by It was worth a quick check. Lo and behold, I was indeed that stupid.

In my defense...when you tell the teller at the drive thru window to deposit a

check and she sends you your cards back with the check cashed and you have

to send everything back and explain again that you want to deposit the check,

then she sends you a receipt back without the cards, it's easy to get confused. 

Another prime example goes as follows," E remind me to pick up kids

toothpaste." Five minutes later," Why did we come to target? What did we

need? I know we needed X,Y and Z but what else was on our list?"

He's not the best shopping list helper but he's pretty darn cute : )

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  1. E sounds like such a sweetie. I'm glad that you found your license, what a terrible thing to lose! && there is nothing wrong about frequenting multiple targets. I do! :]