Saturday, June 22, 2013

debate team

                       Conversations with a four yr old

I used to say things like, "Where are we going tonight?" . Now I find myself saying such

gems as ,"STOP hugging the cat! Cats don't like hugs" twenty times a day. Seriously. I

also notice myself using things I say to the dog with E.  Is that bad?  When E was little John

 would always say," Easy with the baby" and it's stuck.  We tell the dog this with E, younger

kids and other dogs.  And now I find myself saying it to E around little ones.

                    the night I adopted my sweet Minnie(It was ok for gpa to hug her :p )

 I also managed to join a debate team that I wanted no part of.  We meet at odd hours, like

the other day when leaving target after not buying a soft pretzel.

E- "I'm not leaving!"

ME-  "Come on, we have to go."

E- "I'm staying right here!"

Me-" You can't stay at Target forever, they wont let you. I've already tried."

E- " Why won't they let you?"

We've also had heated debates over grilled and baked chicken versus chicken nuggets,

why we eat healthy at our house, why we need to wear our karate shirt to karate and why

we don't eat fast food or get a toy every time we are out.

I try to meet each day with humor, sometimes others (mainly e) don't find it so funny. After 5

 minutes of hearing about his toe we had this convo.

E- "I need a bandaid."

Me- "We'll get one when we get home."

E- "Why can't we get one here."

Me- "We cant get a bandaid every time we go to the pool."

E- "They gave us one last time."

Me- "They aren't here to give you bandaids."

E- " But my toe huuuurts."

ME-  "Maybe we should cut it off"

E- "NO!!!! Wait, are you joking?"

Me-  "I'm just teasing, I was trying to make you laugh."

E- "It's not funny, you shouldn't try to make me laugh. I'll never laugh again. (insert pause) If

we cut off my toe would I need stitches? How many would I need? Would it bleed? Would

we have to go to the Doctor's? "

Me- "I was teasing, we are not cutting off your toe."

E-  "Teasing isn't nice to do. You and daddy tell me not to tease. If we cut off my toe would I

need a cast?"

We also get into heated debates when E asks me a question and then proceeds to tell me

that my answer is wrong. Case in point, E vs the cheetah.  E has decided that the giraffe is

his new favorite animal. We have studied the giraffe in great detail and I now know many

interesting giraffe facts (I'll share these with you below, don't worry). Keep in mind we DID

learn that the giraffe is the tallest land animal.So when he comes and asks me if I know

what the fastest animal is and I say yes the cheetah and he tells me no, I explain nicely

once, twice, three times a cheetah to no avail. E has taken it upon

 himself to christen the giraffe with the title of fastest land animal. Now

 being the responsible adult that I am I can't allow this blasphemy to

take place in my home.  Hard times in our house folks. He won't let

the cheetah win and I refuse to allow anyone to think a giraffe could

possibly outrun the cat.


As Promised*

Fun Facts about giraffes:

1. A giraffes tongue is black

2. A giraffe is born 6 foot tall

3. A giraffe's foot is the size of a dinner plate

4. Giraffe's  in the wild only sleep about 20 minutes a day

5.White giraffes are extremely rare and are not albinos

you're welcome*

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