Saturday, June 29, 2013

Salvation Saturday

We decided to spend the day at the pool as a family. The pool opens at 10:30 and we arrived at 11:30,

 we wanted to be fashionably late of course.  :p  But Lo and behold today was one of six Saturdays

that our pool would/will be opening late due to swim meets for our community swim team. We had

two hours to kill so we did the obvious, we went to lunch. Then we were left with 40 min to spare

and that's when I spoke up. After a bit of convincing we took a peek at my favorite Salvation Army. I

found an interesting looking chair and a set of end tables but John has me on furniture buying hiatus

 until I complete a few projects, and since he was with me there was no way to hide a chair in my

purse lol. We I searched high and low and then I found this little treasure....

Don't you think it will be cute painted or Rub n Buffed silver and placed on our dresser?

I've also been on the search for intriguing fabrics for a few projects that I have up my sleeve and

where better to look than a thrift store?! I combed through the racks of textiles and found this little


It looks like a twin bed sized pillow case! The only thing that I can imagine it may have been used for

 was a homemade duvet cover. Regardless  I'm in love with the colors and the seashell pattern. It's

beachy look is visible without being obnoxious.  Plus, for  $1.99 or .30 cents a yard, what an amazing

 deal! Even on sale with a coupon you can't get a deal like that!!! I can't wait to start my projects and

share them with you!

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