Monday, June 24, 2013

tv with mom part 1

                           Duck, Duck, Goose Dynasty

Tonight I was alone for a few hours and decided to head over to my mom's for a bit. As we were

eating dinner in her living room she asked me if I wanted to watch any of her dvr-ed shows which of

course I immediately said no to. Instead we decided to find something on "live" tv to watch. After

flipping through 30 channels I found a winner. "Oooh Duck Dynasty! Have you ever watched this

mom?" That's when she gave me The look. You all know which one I'm talking about. That look of,

"are you serious?"  Then the scene changed and they showed some ducks flying and my mom

squealed," oooh,  Is it about REAL ducks?!"  Then it was my turn to give her the look with a big,

fat, "no."  Within the next half hour episode some of her better quotes included but were not limited

to, "why do they look like that, are they amish ? Lauren HOW did you find this show?" and " I am not

watching another episode of this." Apparently my love of Duck Dynasty is not genetic.


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