Monday, July 1, 2013

The Little Ring Holder That Could

I'm a frequent shopper of my local thrift stores. I love the thrill of the hunt and hoping to find

something spectacular amongst all of the interesting objects. I've even started taking E with me. He

and I go on "treasure hunts" while we are there.  I'm not a huge fan of the "crystal" section but this

little number caught my eye.
I knew it's original purpose wasn't as a ring holder, but I thought that it would be such a cute place
to put my rings when I wasn't wearing them. I have a million jewelry  boxes and holders but I wanted
an easy access solution that I would actually use and like on a daily basis.
I took it home and gave  it a good polishing and it looked brand new, for about a month. Then it

began to tarnish and being the lazy busy gal that I am, I left it that way for months. After my

successful first try with gold  Rub N Buff I decided to give the silver version a try. Three, that's how

many trips I had to make to Michael's before they restocked their silver RNB. Of course each time I

went in, I found something new that I needed to distract me from my original purpose. I finally found

 it one afternoon and nabbed it before anyone else could.

I laid a very professional paper plate down, pushed play on the DVR and got to work. I hesitated in

the beginning because I did kind of like the antiqued look but eventually the RNB won out.



This time I applied the RNB to a paper towel (instead of my bare fingers) and smoothed it on the

metal surface.  It adheres much nicer to metal than glass or ceramic from my experience. I then

applied a second coat. Voila, dry in less than a few minutes!


& close up


The best part is that I'll never have to polish it again!!! It brings a bit of a modern look to it don't you


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