Tuesday, September 3, 2013

$4 statement piece, from matte and black to gold and bold!

One day while perusing my local Marshalls sale aisle I noticed a small, oval frame with some

character.  I typically don't like black frames, but at $3.97 I knew that I could easily update it to

match our décor. I slightly sanded it and spray painted it with two coats of gold paint. THAT EASY,

from matte and black to gold and bold. 

Now what to put into it? A while back I bought these ridiculously cute zebra cards with a red and

white Aztec print in the background, I had just used one so they were sitting on our coffee table. I

kept staring at them wishing that I could frame them, well wait, why can't I frame them?  When I

went to frame the card, I realized it was too short, ok so that's why I can't. On second thought if I just

open the card in it's entirety...problem solved. So, that's how I went from a boring, black frame to a

gold statement piece.
Side View
What is the craziest thing you've ever framed?


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  1. LOVE. The gold, the zebra, the Aztec print...awesome!! And what a steal on that frame!