Monday, September 16, 2013

A whole lotta whine, not enough wine

This weekend sucked. Quite frankly there is no other adjective to describe said weekend but,

sucked. It started out sprinkled with some hope and that was quickly dashed away. For anyone

that's been reading this blog, you know I've been weaning myself off of some medicine. Friday

 started a no dose day after over 2 weeks of weaning and the "brain zaps" began. As weird as a

term as that may be, it's pretty accurate, you actually feel these little zaps of dizziness. I had been

feeling sick since Tuesday and kept blowing it off as the medicine. Tuesday brought an awful

migraine and Wednesday the same both mixed with nausea. So I immediately thought I was

pregnant, obv. (I will not confirm that I may or may not be a hypochondriac.) So back to Friday, I

 ran some errands and cleaned up the kitchen, I even went out for a run and a 3 mile walk. I got

caught up on some mindless tv and then the migraine got really bad. I got zero sleep Friday night.

 Sat at 630am I left to pick up John at the airport and came back and realized that I could no

longer move my neck. The entire right side of my head and neck were killing me ( obv. I now had

meningitis) I laid down and tossed and turned for hours. Sunday I took a shower and we went to

the ER. I should have seen it coming, the dreaded IV and blood drawing. I'm not ashamed to

admit I bawled like a baby. Then they loaded me up with pain meds over and over again. Nothing

dented it and the anti nausea meds made me so itchy that I needed Benadryl. So there I am crying

over pain, itching from head to toe and pulling at the tape on the IV. That's when they gave me

morphine. The pain STILL did not go away but when they came to take me for my cats can I forgot

 which way was my left an told the nice worker of this and how great my screw back earrings were

holding on, ooops I've been tightening them , give me another min. Even in my state I still

remembered righty tighty, just forgot which way was right. After 5 hours in the ER I was told it

was a virus. I still can barely move my neck and head. But on the bright side, My cat scan is clear

and I know now never to take Zofran again. Oh and if you ever wondered if it's hard to take an IV

 out, it's not once the tape comes off it slips right out, luckily I didn't learn this until we were just

about to leave., allergic or not, glad I had the anti- nausea medicine.


  1. that sounds awful! i'm sorry. :/ i hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Yikes, that really does suck. Hope all is better!