Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kermit The Frog was wrong.....


It's Easy Being Green

In an effort to be more "green", literally, I picked up these green  polka dotted napkins a few
weeks ago at a barn sale. Can, I point out that I love that I just typed the phrase barn sale into a
post?!  It truly was a sale in a barn, the cutest little thing. My mind started working over time on all
of the adorable events that I would host if I owned said barn. But truth be told, I'd probably just fill it
 with more "treasures" and bug John about why we still can't have a silkie chicken or more cats, I
 mean we'd have enough space.  Anyways, I love pulling out my napkins for dinner instead of paper
products.  Every little bit helps,  right?!
What are some things you've done to go green?


  1. I have a slight napkin/tea towel obsession. Your new set is really cute. They're also the perfect size to make pillow covers.

    1. I love polka dots and green is my fav color! Oh no, my napkins may end up as pillows hahah

  2. What a pretty color, and I'm a such for polka dots. Your post title is cute, and fitting.


  3. I grew up on cloth napkins and real plates. I am a faithful cloth diapering mother, and we compost/reclycle as much as we can.

    1. we recycle and I would love to compost! do you use the compost worms :p