Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why I love

So I recently noticed that my bank has started charging a monthly fee of $7.95 a month for using their

 services. Last year my bank was bought out by a new bank and there were rumors of this happening,

but like most people, I never checked my monthly statements that closely. When I saw the fee in

black and white my mouth dropped. I've been a customer for over 7 years and NOW I'm getting

charged?! This just didn't sit well with me. Since this has become an extra account, I don't use it as

 much and I definitely don't keep as much money in there. However,  that's $95.40 a year that we are

wasting. That's when I heard about There are no overdraft fees, interest rates or

APR.. Your account can never go negative which in turn saves you from any pesky overdraft fees

that may occur. You have instant approval and do not need a credit check to qualify. Which is

wonderful for those who may have disrupted their credit score in their younger days. Your card can

be used anywhere a Visa is accepted and at over 22,000 ATM's. It's free to order, activate and load.

 You can even do card to card transfers or direct deposits from your employer.  It could not be any

more simple. The first thirty days are free and then there is a $5.95 charge IF your balance is under

$800. However, that is waived if you have a minimum balance of $800 dollars in your account.

This is a great "starter" card for a High School or college student just starting out. You control how

much goes onto the card without the risk of overdraft fees and high interest rates. They also offer

24/7 assistance and fraud protection. You can even use the card as credit or debit.

So how easy is it? I tried it to find out. I went online and filled out my application, Once I was

approved I had to pick a debit card number and select a cover for my card. BINGO, I knew there was

 a caveat somewhere. How could I choose just one of these cute covers?! They seriously have the

cutest choices of any company out there. Here are a few

of my top choices...


Ok so all of these were cute, The Care bears, LAX, The Designer cards and The Breast Cancer

Awareness card and about thirty more. You can even chose your home state, country or sports

teams.  I finally decided to choose the Autism Awareness card.

I used my card at an array of different stores from Goodwill and Salvation Army to Target. I used
both the debit and credit options with ease. My card came on time within the one week period as they
 promised in a snazzy white envelope.  All in all has been an easy and great experience and
 I couldn't recommend it more highly!
*This has been a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine*


  1. thanks for the info. i have been looking for another card to fit our overseas lifestyle and will look into this one.

  2. I also have a card from! I picked the cute frog one! Love how easy it is to transfer money onto it and I don't worry about using it online like I sometimes do with my debit card.