Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Five.."It's fall ya'll", holiday cuteness, what I made for dinner, What I'm reading and more!

 TGIF my lovelies, remember the awesome TGIF line up we all used to watch as kids?  Man, I used
 to look forward to that so much but alas I am older and wiser now and I look forward to the Friday
Five now instead of Family Matters.  So without further ado her we go....
1)How perfect is this pin from cargo collective?
2)The pool is closed, school has started but my spirits are up because I still managed to add to my tan
 on Wed. AND pinterest is overflowing with fall cuteness.
3)Made this chicken and stuffing crockpot recipe for dinner last night, so yummy and EASY.  I
doubled the sauce and stuffing, fyi.

4)Currently reading this book...

"A little bit wicked" by Kristin Chenoweth.  I love a good memoir, and Kristin's got a whole lot of
spunk and southern charm.  
5) And I think we can all agree, we need this bag
Have a great weekend !!!


  1. I'm absolutely loving all of this.... especially #1!! Cheers to the weekend!

  2. The chicken and stuffing crockpot meal looks amazing!! I will need to remember this and try it out!

    1. it was so yummy! I let it cook 6 hours and it just got better!!!

  3. Love that bag! And the stuffing sounds soooo good too :)


    1. isn't it cute and so true?!!? MMM it was! Thanks Tanya!

  4. Haha, number one is totally me!! ;) Love this post girl! ;)