Monday, September 2, 2013

Driftwood Lamp makeover Inspired by Horchow

When John and I decided to move in together met, we were pretty much inseparable from the start.
  We spent all of our time together and there really wasn't a big "talk" of moving in, there was more
talk of when to move in my cat and dresser. Those were the things we waited on. One of the first
things that I bought for "our" new apartment was this lamp. 


I loved it. I found it at Home Goods and could see it had potential. However, it originally came with a

 hideous ivory, knit  shade. I tore that bad boy off in a heart beat and replaced it with the drum shade

 it currently wears. I tossed and turned on whether to paint it a shabby chic white or a rustic brown.

No one quite new what to do with it.  Everyone seemed to like it, but no one loved it like me.  Like

all good projects, it sat untouched...for over two years, Until inspiration struck in the form of

Horchow. I was perusing their website one day for inspiration when I came across this beautiful coral

Granted it's coral not driftwood, but potato, potatoe.  I dabbled with the idea of painting it gold versus

 silver.  I finally decided on gold and outside I went. Side note, when spray painting in the backyard

 you always want to cover a larger area than what you need. On further note, John does not

appreciate when I spray paint the grass. 

                                                                        Close up before

                              Finial Before

So without further ado here it is all golden-ed up!



 Close Up After


Finial After

Before & After!
What do you think? Do you like it better before or after?
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  1. I think it looks gorgeous spraypainted Lauren - when are you spray painting the shade black LOL???
    Day 2 of the giveaways are up!

    1. Thanks! I don't know if I am, I kind of like it muted, what's your opinion? I'll be over in a min!