Thursday, September 5, 2013

School Lunches or Jail Food?

When I was a kid, I remember my mom packing my lunch with love notes and sandwiches.  There was

 always a Little Debbie snack cake du jour and a juice box.  I remember the occasional swap and

how some kids were allowed to pack, get this, chocolate milk in their lunches!   No matter how much

I begged that was not allowed in my lunch.  I would inevitably get food poisoning by leaving milk out

that long even, with my trusty ice pack in my lunch box.

With this being E's first time packing a lunch I couldn't wait to write a little love note, using the few

words he can read mind you, and use all of my new pinterest inspired cute ideas!  I knew from

previous years at daycare that peanut butter and nuts were of course frowned upon, but I had no idea

what was in store for me.  Taking a glance at the Kindergarten Handbook I noticed the following:

No juice
Only water is an acceptable beverage
No flavored water
No cookies
No gummy treats
No chocolate
No sugary snacks
"An acceptable snack would be popcorn or pretzels."

Ok, I can understand that they want the kids to eat healthy.  But according to the list I can't bring a

homemade cookie but I can pack a bag of peanuts?  Shouldn't that be somewhere on the list? With all

of the major peanut issues today, if you're going to take the time to specify flavored water one would

 assume you'd add nuts to the list.  E is a rather picky eater and could stand to shed a few tummy

pounds so all in all this won't be the worst thing to happen to us. Especially with going back and

forth between two houses. We'll know that no matter where he is he's being packed a healthy lunch.

Now 97% of his lunches this summer while he was with us were healthy but of course all kids like the

 occasional snack! So as John laughed at me I cut his turkey sandwiches into heart shapes and sent

him with a banana, pretzels and a water. 
At least we have a cute lunchbox and sandwich holder to

liven things up a bit. Are you facing any restrictions with lunches this year?


  1. Those are some crazy restrictions! I haven't heard of rules on lunches but I also am not around elementary schoolers much. I can't imagine that the school lunches are that healthy tho! We have all seen the greasy pizza and things like nachos, burgers, etc that are definitely worse than a kid having a cookie! I'm surprised there isn't a big uproar about this.

    1. the school lunches they provide are just that, pizza sloppy joes, etc!

  2. Kinda funny that I'm reading this today, and the lady I work with was just talking about how at her son's middle school, there are parents who bring their kids lunch everyday. By that, I mean, they go to Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Hardees', etc. and bring the kids lunch to the school. Then, apparently, they hang out at the school for a while, too. So apparently here, there aren't such restrictions.

    1. wow, I'm sure those kids will be fit and trim by xmas break eating that every day :/ on a side note can they bring me pizza hut every day hahah