Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm "Squirrely"?! 7 things that make me quirky

Mrs.Teeh just graced me with the, " I'm so

squirrely" award, now while I do love the little

 grey squirrels in my area, I've never been called

"squirrely.   I hope this is a compliment

lol.   According to Mrs.Teeh it means that I'm

quirky.   Well aint nobody gonna argue that.
So now I must list 7 quirky things about myself, only 7?!  Here goes...
1) I am a total germ-a- phobe when it comes to cooking with meat and eggs. I wash my hands and the
counter at least thirty times.  Watching John cook any of these items is pure torture to me and I nag
 him to wash his hands.
2) I have an obsession with fountain sodas and can tell you which places have the "good" coke or
 pepsi's and who has the "bad" ones and I choose accordingly.
3) I was a vegetarian for 5 years and finally started eating chicken in a McDonalds parking lot;
crying over a chicken nugget. My mom begged me to, she thought that I was too skinny at the time
 and wasn't getting enough protein. Oh to be in that position again :p
4) I became  full fledged meat eater one year later at my dad's, father's (my granddaddy's) wake
over a roast beef and muenster sandwich. It looked so good and I thought to myself, "Fuck it, life is
too damn short. I'm eating the roast beef." True story.
5)I crack a lot of my bones. Most people crack their knuckles. I crack my neck, wrists, ankles,
shoulders and back.
6) Just like Meg I am super picky about eating chicken, fish and meat. The slightest hint of pink or the
appearance of a (ugh I hate even typing this ) vein I cut around it. Can't eat it. Grosses me out.
7) I love seeing my hometown in movies. I get super excited every time a movie is filmed in
Pittsburgh.  I point out every landmark throughout the film, which is not annoying at all. Now that
I've lived in VA for 7 years I get excited seeing DC in films too, last nights
Hostages anyone?!
So now I tag a few fellow bloggers, ready, set , go


  1. I'm so glad you agreed to be 'squirrely' with me :D

    Haha! I cringe every time my Hubby cooks meet...he lets the juices and (ugh) blood just drip and gather all over my counters...he does wash/sanitize his hands (i keep sanitizer right at the sink) as soon as he is done I get out my Clorox kitchen spray and go to town!

    I can't (WON'T) eat any veins in my chicken either...it drive my Hubby nuts! LMBO He says I make my meat look like puzzle pieces as I try to cut around them..

    1. ugh, I would not be able to watch him cook!
      can't eat it, wont do it!!!

  2. I just had to say that I love roast beef and muenster cheese sandwiches. That's all.

  3. I crack a lot of bones too!! It helps relieve pressure and I feel soooo much better after doing it! I also looooove fountain soda! It is so much better

    1. me too, I need to stop drinking it though! i'll be on a good kick and then need some caffeine!

  4. Thanks so much for the nomination! :)
    And I was a vegetarian for awhile, too. Mine ended over a Burger King chicken sandwich because my mom took me to the doctor and my iron and protein levels were too low.
    AND - I am also a body part cracking person. :)