Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finally on Facebookl, HOLLA

Howdy friends, I did it!!!  I finally created a facebook page for Real Housewife of NOVA!!!

So take a second and go "LIKE" me! Thanks, ya'll just made me smile, unless you didn't like me, in

which case I'll drown my sorrows in this hoho.  I bought them for E's uber fabulous Karate/Teenage

Mutant Ninja Turtle party, but someone, I'm not naming names, ( John ) but someone opened them.

Consequences have since followed. He ate 2, I ate 2 and I know the other boxes are now in danger.

How does a hoho make its way into a karate party, you ask? Well with the help of pinterest I can now

 make edible nunchuks using hoho's, twizzlers and my own sheer talent. I don't know how anyone

planned a party before pinterest, it's my go to for everything now a days.  What to make for dinner,

lets consult pinterest!  How do I make my own cleaner? Pinterest! Well, that's a lie I also rely heavily

 on my blogger friends to keep me up to date and inspired! So while you're liking me, go check out a

few of their pages too!



  1. Hoho....NoNo! Stupid Weight Watchers.

    1. I know, I'm supposed to be "watching" what I eat. Unfortunately the only watching I'm doing is from box to mouth!