Wednesday, July 24, 2013

take a peak inside my day, it's not all paint and cookies

                  a day in the life

We went to pick up grandma and I almost slipped right off of the toilet seat when I used the powder

room, "why is the toilet seat wet" I called out to her. "Oh, I washed it" she responded. Of course she

 did. Why wouldn't I think to DRY the toilet seat before sitting on it. MY mistake.

My day was littered with "oh sugar shack" a favorite "in place of swear word" from my Gram.

I listened to Florida Georgia Lines "Cruise" on repeat for miles. Ethan suggested that, "maybe we

should play it again, since we like it."  This was after we had already heard it for 9 minutes straight.

 Maybe I should buy earplugs.

Going to the pool is so tiring. it's been 100 out all week, even the water has been hot. Playing in the

pool with E is like training for "The Hunger Games" we play hulk smash

and battle it out until the loser is immersed in water and out of breathe. He climbs on me and I tote

him around the pool on my back , front and sometimes leg. It's amazing I don't have MORE bruises.

He's a tough cookie. Thank God for the required 15 min rest periods.

Every time the nation wide insurance commercial comes on I hear E singing, "nationwide is on your

 side" either A) he watches too much tv  or  B) he has an affinity for insurance. He also has a knack

for knocking things over. Yesterday was juice, today was a full bowl of cereal. Graceful, we are not.


  1. Sounds like he's "alllll boy," as we say in these parts ;)

    1. I had to tell him not to punch so hard, I felt a bruise coming on!

  2. Yep I have to agree boys will be boys, but when they get older they're excellent for all that heavy lifting :) keep him in training Mel xo