Friday, July 5, 2013

How I spent my 4th of July

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July with family and friends! John and I stayed at home and

relaxed all day. We ate Famous Dave's takeout complete with banana and bread pudding(yummmmy)

 ,watched two movies and took a nap.  I was supposed to have left for Pittsburgh on the 4th

buuuut decided to stay home an extra day. I still had clothes in the dryer, and the thought of driving

on the a holiday as late as I was getting out was not appealing. I'm going back to my hometown to

help clear out my grandparents old house before the closing and bring home some treasures, ya'll

know John is excited about that!!!!  Bright and early Friday I'll be driving a pickup truck 5.5

hours back home. Keep in mind I've never even driven an SUV, so this should be interesting to say

the least. Say some prayers folks.

I did a lot of painting over the past few days for some projects I'll be showing you soon! I can't wait

 to finish them and start on some new things. Today alone I applied 2 coats of a yellow paint to 1

project, a 2nd coat of primer and a coat of white to another and the 2nd coat of chalkboard paint to a

HUGE piece of glass and waxed 2 items.  I also busted out a bench I've had stored in the garage for a

 month from a yard sale, cleaned it up and made a cover for it. I even managed to clean out the garage

 a bit and was able to empty out an entire basket to use for extra shoe storage in the entryway!


  1. Hi Lauren - came by because you left a comment on my blog -and am now happily following back !
    Can't wait to see the painted pieces you mention above :)