Thursday, July 4, 2013

Getting Organized/ Going Green

 Two things have been bothering me lately. Our house's lack of organization and our abundant use of paper products.  In an effort to "kill two bird's with one stone" I did what I do best, I went to Home Goods. I spotted this little number right off the bat and love, love, loved the yellow color....


               My new yellow basket

I thought it would be a great basket to place on the kitchen counter and put all of our tea towels in. I had previously kept them in a long narrow drawer and it just wasn't convenient. Every time I needed a new towel I had to reach across the kitchen and search through the drawer. This seemed much more accessible for everyone, which means less paper towels!

I had recently gone through some of our old tea towels and washcloths and made them into cleaning and crafting rags. So I also picked up a few of these...

Small towels

These yellow and white towels are small for drying your hands or dishes and have a nice soft feel. Plus I'm a sucker for yellow : ) I got two of each color at a whopping total of  $2.99!
For bigger messes and clean ups I picked up some heavier bar towels. I'm not as in love with the burgundy color but at $3.99 for 4 on clearance I couldn't pass them up!



And here they are all cozy in their new home on the counter by the sink!

                    snug as a a basket!  


               & with a few more friends added in



  1. i love that basket! && the colors of the rags are so pretty. i'm a huge fan of just throwing things in a basket. it looks like it's organized but it takes no work! :]

    happy 4th!

    1. me too! they had the basket in a strange green color but the yellow just popped and said "take me home" : )

  2. That's a great idea, Lauren! I've been keeping my tea towels in a drawer too. Your idea seems much nicer.

  3. thanks Brandi! I'ts such a little detail, but it makes it much easier!