Thursday, July 18, 2013

seashell frame, Minor Update, Big Impact!!!!

"Don’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look"- Miranda Lambert

Sometimes a little pick me up is all we need.  The same is true for accessories. Switch them out or
spruce them up.  Every time  I've used my mom's powder room for the past few years I've stared at
one picture in particular.  The print itself is okay, but the frame is an odd shade of "sand" that does it
no justice. She brought up that after adding a new piece to her bathroom décor something seemed
off.  I took it upon myself to finally point out the annoying frame. She said she'd never really liked
the frame but had never even thought of doing anything to it and asked my opinion. White, I'd paint it
white I said. Lo and behold I took home a new project that very same night.

                            Before pic

               Close up, look at  all those grooves!


                    Painters tape applied

After taping down the frame with painters tape, I got to work. Three coats later it was finally up to

After Paint

I made the mistake of adding wax and it took to all of the little nooks and grooves in the frame. It
took me a good 20 minutes of scrubbing to remove every last piece. Here's what she looks like now!

End project! 

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  1. You're right! Looks so much better with the white frame!

  2. the white frame looks really cute! you have been on a crafting roll lately, keep it up!

    1. thanks, I have so many projects to do I need to step it up Jessica!

  3. It looks great with the white frame a lot fresher and modern :)