Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Midweek confessions: Let's get Personal, Insurance, a Truck and Shaving

Now that we are close friends I figure I can let you in on more personal aspects of my life. Like

showering for instance. I've been shaving my legs for 18+ years and I still manage to cut myself more

 times than not. I use shaving cream. I've tried every make on the market.  I've bought cheap and

expensive razors and yet I am just ridiculous with a razor.  To top it off, it takes me forever to heal

from a cut : /.

On my last trip up to Pittsburgh I rented a truck to bring back furniture from my grandparents old

house before the closing. I was super scared as you may remember. Seeing as how I'd never drove

anything larger than a Ford Taurus, I was CONVINCED that I would wind up rolled over the side of

 a mountain with only my chocolate chunk rice cakes to sustain me until help arrived. Then I got in

the truck. Holy moly, I was like a changed woman. It's a whole new world up there! I felt like a bad

ass in my big ole Silverado, truckin along next to all the other little trucks. I got head nods from burly

 men and young men alike. It made my country music sound SOO much better I swear. I called John

 and said, " you know how we JUST got my new car?!? I changed my mind, I want a truck."  He

laughed. I never said I was joking.

Health insurance, it's a blessing I'm fortunate to have. However at the rate we pay for it ,we literally

could have that Silverado sitting in the driveway, with a lift kit and Id look a hella lot better sittin up

 in it!!! (Any Florida Georgia Line fans out there?!)  So today I got some quotes and reduced my bill

 by ALOT. While in the process of changing it I feel like they asked me too many personal questions.

 I understand that they want to know my medical history and what medications I am on but for real

, it's out of hand. Here are just a few of the questions they asked.

Insurance: "Are you currently pregnant, in the process of adopting or undergoing fertility


Me: "OMG no, one is enough. I'm really re-thinking this whole "more kids" thing. Maybe when

 Ethan is older."

Insurance: "Are you over 250 pounds?"

Me: "Not yet."

Insurance:" Do you partake in ATV riding, rodeos...."

Me: "I lost you at rodeos."

Insurance: "Do you smoke?"

Me: " No, but some days I consider it."



  1. Rodeos?? that's pretty weird! i am a huge FGL fan! :] glad you got some cheaper insurance && maybe you are on your way to that truck!

  2. I know right?!?! like I moonlight as a cowboy! Still not cheap, but way less than before!

  3. Hahaha, I love this post. I drove a big Nissan Armada up until recently, and I miss being bigger than most everyone else on the road! I also love that song by FGL featuring Nelly. The whole rodeo thing....weird! But your response...classic :-)

    1. I know I LOVED it!!! The remix is so addicting, but now that E likes the cd, I'm about to throw it out the window we play it sooo much in the car!

  4. LMAO.............too funny Lauren.
    Too too funny :)
    My morning laugh actually - thanks!