Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midweek Confessions part 5; Problems at the play are

In a fit of anger over my hair last Saturday night I cut 3" off of it myself, with regular scissors at 1

am in my bathroom (sober mind you). I even gave myself layers and the short pieces in the front I

like framing my face.  John woke up to be saying, "I just cut my hair! I hope it's straight." Half asleep

his only response was, "Do you want me to check it?" I guess he's getting used to my off the wall

decisions by now. He's still not pleased when I bring other people's garbage home, but we're making

progress. Progress not perfection people.

I got into an altercation with another mother at Chick-Fil-A. and yes this makes problem #2 there. It's

 just a matter of time before I'm banned and my picture is placed on the wall when you walk in. E was

 playing with some kids and out of nowhere starts crying and comes to me. I asked him what was

wrong and he said another boy hit him. I finally got it out of him that "hit" actually meant pinch as

they were playing tag. He pointed out the boy and another kid said his name at the same time. granted

 there were 2 other women sitting together in the play area with me. They never even glanced up. E

starts yelling the kids name and I told him to hush. As the child looked up I asked him if pinching E

was an accident, he said yes and I turned to E and said," See it was an accident he didn't mean to hurt

you. Do you forgive him?" Of course E said yes and I asked the other kid to not "grab" so hard while

playing tag. Again the ladies sat still as statues. Two minutes later they got up to go eat and called the

 "pincher" to go with them. What?!? That was your kid and you didn't say anything? So 10 minutes

later they come back in the play area and I said E your friend is back and asked what the little

brothers name was so they could all play together nicely. The mom comes in and states that she

doesn't think our kids should play together since her," kids play too rough for mine". Now you speak

up lady? OH Em Gee. Well they did end up playing and her son cornered E and started pointing in

his face 20 times and the mom yelled at him then hit E two times and E hit him back and not seeing

the first 2 hits I yelled at E who starts crying that he's in trouble. While explaining to me that he got

hit two times the "pincher" starts laughing and calling E a crybaby. Now the other lady lets it go until

 E yells at him not to call him a crybaby, then she speaks up in a soft, low voice not to do that. Lesson

 learned, I have no problem correcting your kid if you won't and next time if you warn me about your

 kid I should listen. Needless to say we left the play place and I expect to see this kid on my Tv

screen in years to come robbing the Chick-Fil-A of his youth.


  1. I'm super impressed that you can cut your own hair; and, I love the image of a mom fight in the Chickfila play area. Hilarious1

  2. just because I can, doesn't mean I should lol!