Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Marker Mayhem

In an effort to be more organized, I started small. Super small, as in art supplies small!  This bag of markers has been bothering me for reasons you can see. The plastic no longer seals shut and the markers tend to fall out of the bag. I was trying to figure out a storage solution and looked at our recycling bin. I had a large tin can just waiting for some inspiration.  

Marker Mess


Spray Adhesive

I cleaned the can with dish soap and the label came off nicely in the hot, soapy water. I made sure to dry the can well and put my spray adhesive to the side.

"ABC" Scrapbook Paper


Cut to Size

I went to Michael's and  found this adorable ABC scrapbook paper that I thought would be perfect for some craft and homework area fun. I measured it against the can, made a mark and got out my scissors.
Make sure you take your spray adhesive outside! I made the mistake of doing this project indoors( at least the floors got a good scrubbing after )! You need to hold your can 6-8 inches away and spray evenly. Wrap your paper around and smooth out any wrinkles before you wrap the next piece. *VOILA*

The New Marker Tin


                    Someone Approves!!!!

I woke up to this little guy happily coloring the next day : )

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  1. that's a super cute && easy craft/organizer! i am a little intimidated by spray glue because i feel like its easy to mess up and easy to make a mess with. i'm glad your project turned out well!

  2. Don't be intimidated! Just do it outside and give yourself the 6" it calls for and it's a breeze!

  3. That is sooo cute Lauren - great idea!