Thursday, August 1, 2013

Macaroons VS. Macaroons?!?! A New Bakery Discovery in the Area

         Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

 I've recently discovered a "new to me" bakery in the next town over. This is bad news bears, as I

have a major sweet tooth and little to no self control when it comes to sweets. I first discovered this

delectable bakery when these sweet treats were brought to my house one evening. I took one look in

the box and thought "pssshhh, lemon pound cake and  éclairs ..PASS." I typically don't get

tempted unless there's chocolate involved. So as any good hostess does, I scraped some of the

chocolate off of one of the  éclairs and," mmm what IS that filling made of?!"  OMG, seriously I've

never tasted anything like it. ME, the queen of chocolate preferred the éclair with powdered sugar

over the chocolate covered éclair. Now that says something. Lets not even discuss the moist pound

cake. Hooked. Not three days later I went driving through the town looking for this bakery, doing a

U- turn and possibly almost causing an accident; all in hopes of an éclair. Go figure, they were out. But

 they had cakes, cheesecakes, choc/vanilla pound cake, and scones oh my. We just so happened to be

"going by" the bakery today and I asked E if he wanted to stop. He told me, "Oh yea the bakery is my

 favorite thing! Well other than God, because God is supposed to be important." With no judgment I

told him that you should love your parents and family more than a bakery. We adjusted his priorities

 to his parents, other family members, God and then the Bakery.

We walked in, I held my breath, crossed my fingers and they were out again. The sweet as pie lady

(seriously she's soo nice) that works there told me they'd have more in an hour and a half but

unfortunately karate and the play place did not allot for a second stop. But being the loud mouth that I

 am.... I've already made 3 bakery dates with my gf's for 3 separate occasions to take them there.

While discussing with one friend I tried to describe their dark green pistachio macaroons and this

started a whole new issue. What is a macaroon? I remember my grandpa eating coconut macaroons

that looked like this... all coconut-y and yummy.
But if that's a macaroon, what are these called? TWO different cookies with the same name?!!? Mind
blue macaroons                                          colorful macaroons


  1. Confession-I have never had a macaroon, but these look delicious!!

    1. I've only had the coconut far :p

  2. I am with the commenter above, I've never had a macaroon either!! Those look so yummy, though, and pretty!!

    1. I guess I'll have to take one for the team and try them out : )