Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Theme Party and Ridic. Nod to the 80's

One of my friends is throwing a theme party tonight; and there is not much that I love more than a

good theme.  I haven't been to ANYTHING with one since college and  I am so excited by the

thought. Especially when the theme is the 80's, girl that's my jam! I have neglected my costume all

week and now I'm stressing over leg warmers at the last minute. Can I make some?! 

I want to walk in and start dancing a la Jennifer Garner in "13 going on 30" you know you know the

But I'll probably look more like Gizmo trying to bust a move.
Maybe we'll have a dance off like in "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" ( I still say that is one of SJP's
 best films to date. ) I don't know any of the other girls and I'm really hoping it wont be like a scene
out of "Heathers."  If things get crazy I'll have to call "Ghostbusters" or bring out my inner "Karate
 Kid." We don't have E this weekend so there won't by any, "Adventures in Babysititng." I just hope
everyone ends up dancing and we all don't stand around like a bunch of "Mannequin" s. If that's the
 case I'll tell Charles, He's in charge!

And now my top ten 80'smovies
             2)The Breakfast Club
   4)Pretty in Pink
      5)Sixteen Candles
             6)Troop Beverly Hills
 7)Dirty Dancing
                       9)Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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