Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bob Dylan Somehow Predicted my diet

"The times they are a changing" Bob Dylan

No joke Dylan speaks the truth.  My breakfast is proof of this.  I ordered oatmeal over my beloved

blueberry pancakes this morning.   Ok, well if you want to be technical, I also ordered a Belgian

 waffle, but It was burnt.  Like crispy, dark brown, tastes like burnt toast burnt.  So I sent it back, and

 got the same waffle back.  Somehow they managed to glue in that missing bite, but it was the same

waffle, I'm sure of it.  So I took one more bite and put my napkin on top of it.  I declined a 3rd


Now if you read yesterday's post I spoke of my love of PB oreos.   However, those lil guys have left

me high and dry for almost a year now, while double stuf have stood by and held down the fort all by

their lonesome.   And if there's one thing you should know about me it's that I'm loyal.   I'm not one to

 forget my tried and true friend just because some new kid comes into school with  some neon bangle

 bracelets.  So in my haste to buy those PB oreos, I made sure to grab a pack of double stuf to prove a

 point.  No, not that I'm a fat ass, but that you've done well double stuf.  Keep up the good work my

trusty friend.  Getting to my point...As I'm sitting here, still hungry from my oatmeal.  I started

craving some sweets.  I grabbed a cold glass of milk and some cookies and that's when it hit.  It

literally knocked the wind out of me.  Here I am eating double stuf oreos dipped in milk and all I

want is cottage cheese with fresh peaches.  Who is this person?!  Next I'll be wearing workout clothes

to workout out in.  Speaking of which, seriously If one more person asks me if I just came from the

gym this week......

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