Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday 5, 5 Things I discovered this week

1)After much hoping and praying they finally returned to me, my beloved PB Oreo's. I almost cried a

single tear of joy while grocery shopping last night. These bad boys came out last year and I could

 only find them at 1 single, solitary Target before they left me. If you're old young enough you may

 remember when E.L. Fudge cookies had a chocolate cookie with pb inside, these remind me of them

and of being a kid. John timidly asked if he could try one last night and said between bites that, "Oh

my GOD these are like crack" (disclaimer, we do not now, nor have we ever done crack.) " These

should be illegal, they're so good." I nodded in agreement, then hid them when he wasn't looking.


2)Obsessed with this amazing quote and print that I found on pinterest.  I can't wait to either frame it

or write it on one of my chalkboards! Isn't it adorable!?


3)We all have a blender, we've all used it a time or two. Mine is currently dusty after surviving my

smoothie phase. No judgment. How cool is this though, Let's say you break your blender, first

instinct is to throw it away, right?! break out the trusty mason jar and voila back in

business baby. A standard mason jar fits any blender. Also perfect for when you want to blend a tiny

amount of something and are too lazy to clean the whole blender!
4)If your mind isn't currently blown by the above, how bout this an emergency a crayon will
burn for 30 minutes? How cool is that? We all have crayons lying around, or at least I do. But
seriously, who figures this stuff out?  I saw this one on Pinterest, but the original source was
5) If you are a fan of the Kardashians or can't stand them, then I saved the best for last. I definitely
wasted /enjoyed 2 hours of my life after discovering this lady on youtube last week. She has a show
on VH1 called "Stevie TV" where she parodies everyone and she is GOOD. here's my fav. clip,


  1. OK - my mind is scrambling all over the place right now -
    PB Oreo's ????
    Never heard of them - have to try them!!!
    Crayons burn for 30 minutes????
    Would that be fantastic on top of a child's birthday cake???
    Mason jars as blenders??? The best tip ever!
    sorry could only stand about half of the video - too much like the real thing LMAO..............
    Have a great day - have to go pin pin pin this post

    1. I never even thought of the crayons on top of a cake!!! AWESOME idea!

  2. i LOVE the october quote. it's so pretty in that pin too! makes me excited for fall that is going to come way too soon! && i agree, pb die for. yum! i'll have to go looking for them now.

  3. LOL @ the Kardashians clip! "We need to speak to the writers immediately." The girl playing Kourtney spoke like her very well there for a minute, like how everything she says in the confessional/interview ends as a question. I'm Kourtney? lol

  4. Crayons? How do people discover this stuff- genius!

    Also... did you see Kim K posted a picture of North on instagram yesterday? Those likes jumped to a million within the blink of an eye.

  5. YES! she looks like a mini kim and kanye. tabloid perfection!

  6. GIRL...I love PB Oreos!! I thought I was the only one!!

    1. WHY did they stop making them!??! soooo good! I just found them again. do you remember the e.l. fudge choc pb cookies from the 80s-90s? that's what they remind me of : )