Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A week before I spied Brutus; I locked eyes with a poodle.  He was quite cute, but had a chip on his
 ear and I had to pass him by.  I thought about him for the entire week and vowed that if he was still
there when I went back, he would be mine.  Alas the poodle had found a home with someone else,
but Brutus was in his place.
The minute my eyes fell upon his I knew it was love.  I walked by him once. I started to sweat,
knowing that I had just committed the golden rule of thrifting and ran back to him as slowly as I
could trying not to cause a panic amongst the other shoppers.  I didn't want to let on that there was a
 treasure among us.  I finally let out the breath that I was holding as my hands clasped upon him. He
 was mine.
I gently placed his handcrafted and hand painted self onto the checkout and wondered how anyone in
 their right mind could give him up.  He was a little pricey for my Salvation Army standards but I
could not risk losing him.  I raced home and found him a permanent residence on the bookshelf.
When John came home I instructed him to "find" our new treasure.  He pointed out a few items and

proceeded to compliment them. I informed him that we had owned these pieces for quite some time.

And then he got quiet and asked the million dollar question, "what are we going to do with him?"

"HIM?!?! That's Brutus, We're going to either give him to my sister or keep him. Isn't he fabulous?"

They say silence is golden. When I texted my sister his picture her response of "WTF" sealed the

 deal. Brutus had found his home among the books and my heart.

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