Thursday, August 8, 2013

In a Blunk? Do a book review and have some wine!

I'm in a blunk, a blogging funk. I don't want to write, I don't want to comment, I don't even want to

 craft/DIY. I just want to read. I've read 4 books this week alone on top of  multiple blogs. I found a

 few new sites that I adore and caught up on my tried and true. So here's a look at what I've been up

 to during my blunking days.

I went to an 80's party and drank some wine out of a straw. If any wine companies would like me to

endorse them, I am available. Shocking, I know. I also made an 80's exercise video but I've been advised

 not to put that on here.


I <3 straws

I lost my side pony in this pic, but I gained an aaaahmaazing facial expression. I think I'm trying
to say, "That's not the way to jazzercise!" How awesome does my friend K look in her wig?!
Duck Lips


      Ali Wentworth
I love Ali Wentworth, she's my kinda DC. I love that she's married to a bigwig political
correspondent yet you never quite know what's going to pop out of her mouth. This book involves her
 mom, Muffie ,seriously how can you not love a person named Muffie, and her time on In Living
Color, disasters with the secret service and her fear of sleepovers,  vacations and sharks. Basically,
she's real. Oh and she has a slight seashell obsession like me.

                                                                                   Janet Evanovich

I've read every book in the series including the "bonus" books that Evanovich has published.

However, number 16 gave me a run for my money. It took me three times to start and one year to

 finally finish. Once I got past the third chapter, I was golden. It was just as yummy as her previous

15. The characters of "Grandma Mazur" and "Lulu" LITERALLY (said in my Rachel Zoe voice)

make me laugh out loud.
 I'm new to Laurie Notaro. I've seen her books and her name throughout the years, but never sunk my
 teeth into any of her writings. I decided to try one of her older books and my oh my. Why did it take
 me so long? She reminds me a bit of Jenn Lancaster in her snarky style. It's like a bad tabloid that
doesn't end after 15 pages and gives us the real low down. She has no problem making fun of herself
or her family and to that I raise my glass of iced tea. I've already started in on another book of hers
and it's just as juicy.
 This is has by far been my greatest reading pleasure, as of late.. My knowledge of Lauren
Scruggs came from E news. Before reading the book I knew that she was a fashion blogger and had a
 helicopter accident. That alone seemed enough for a great book to me. However, those facts have
nothing to do with why I LOVED this book. I am a Christian and if you aren't you may find this book
 a little rich on religion. The strength that this community and family has is amazing. Before, during
and  after the accident is touched upon. It is actually the life before the accident that touched my heart
 the most. I truly feel that God spoke to Lauren "lolo" and used the people around her to spread his
word and his message. I think that HE is still using Lolo as an amazing example to the rest of us. 
So, what do you do when you're in a blunk and what are you reading right now?!?!

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