Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Midweek Confessions, road etiquette, first day of school and working out

It's Wednesdays again, ya'll know what that means! Time to link up with some of my fav blogs over

at Elizabeth's site and confess to our hearts desire. This week I'm sharing something that I need to get

off of my chest, road etiquette. Lets start with turn signals, they're there for a reason folks. I hate

that I can't make a turn into traffic when someone has a turn signal on b/c 9 times out of ten they

forgot to turn it off. Or even better they didn't have a turn signal on and I could have already made

my exit when they just blindly made their turn. THANKS. Speed limits, they are set for a reason.

While I use them merely for suggestive purposes, you , nice person in front of me do not need to go

15- 20 miles under the speed limit. I would like to make my destination sometime before my next

birthday. Honking, must we honk at everything? I realize we are all in a hurry but one honk from the

car in front of you will suffice. All 20 of us do not need to honk. The passing Lane, while on the

interstate I have a bad habit of staying in the left lane. However, I speed. If you are going to hog the

left lane, do not drive at 30mph. Either stay ahead of traffic or LET ME PASS!!!! Oh and that finger

you just gave me, I don't're 5th in line buddy, I've got a whole hand now.

Moving on.

This was E's first week of Kindergarten. He looked like such a big boy in his polo, dress pants, shoes

and belt. I took the mandatory 1st day of school photo with a chalkboard and he was sent on his

merry way. His mom has decided to send him BACK to daycare for before and aftercare much to our

 chagrin and it took everything in me not to pick him up at noon on his first day so that he wouldn't

sit for 5 hours in an afterschool program.  Being that I have no say in the matter leaves me feeling

pretty helpless and heartbroken for the kid. We've offered to take him and our offer has been denied.

Shockingly, I've used my frustration for good! My yoga pants have finally seen some exercise! I've

 done the unthinkable, I worked out. Monday I walked 1.5 miles. Tuesday my friend said lets skip

and I DRAGGED her out of the house to walk 2.5 miles and this morning I went to the gym and used

 the elliptical for 30 minutes. New leaf. I may just need new yoga pants soon for a whole different

reason than ever before, mine may be too big!

~ Lauren


  1. As much as we did together in college, I don't suppose we ever worked out together! Hah! I'm sure we would've had fun, and yes, I bet you're gonna have to buy new pants ;)

  2. haha, we ate together!!!! lets hope I'll need some new pants!

  3. Bah, it's so hard when you can't just go pick them up. My brother had to go to the after school program on his dad's days with him too, instead of being with his mom and siblings. But that's awesome that you're exercising more! 2.5 is great, I'm struggling to walk 1 mile at a time right now, lol.

  4. It's so hard! Ok you can walk that mile, go find a friend that's what made mine SO much easier!!!!! Talking while walking!