Wednesday, August 14, 2013

midweek confessions...My confession, Bethenny Frankel, and why I need friends


Each week I tend to get a little more personal on here. This week I'm sharing something that only

those who call me know. I haven't checked my voicemail in years, on purpose. My voicemail should

read, " hang up and text me." I hate listening to messages. So I stopped.  Don't tell me I should delete

 them, it's just annoying and I won't. It's so pointless, as soon as I delete them, they fill up

immediately anyways. I hate hearing, "hi, it's me." I'm sorry but unless you're my cat, I probably

won't recognize your voice and i'll be pondering who you are the entire message instead of listening

to the content of your message. Oh, and the long drawn out messages with the date, time, where you

 are, what you are buying, wearing, drinking, seeing.....I'm not listening, you may as well stop now. I

don't miss those messages. Trust me. My philosophy is that if it's that important, you'll call me back.

If you're stuck on the side of the road, dying or there is free candy available somewhere, you'll text

me ASAP. So far this method is working for me. Those who know and love me accept me as is.

 Anyone who tries to send me to Voicemailers Anonymous should be on the do not call list in my

                              call me maybe

Speaking of it sad that I'm really excited for Bethenny Frankel's new talk show.  I'm not a

 big talk show person, but this one actually looks pretty good. Or at least the two promo's I've seen for

 it have been edited fabulously! I liked her on the real housewives of NYC and went back and forth

 on how I felt about her during her feud with her castmate and her relationship drama with her

husband. But overall, girls got spunk and I admire that. What's your take on her?

Everyone does stupid things once in awhile, mine happened this week.  I lost my phone, in the car. I

could not find it for 15 + hours. I looked and looked. I was using it and placed it on top of my purse

in the passenger seat. Then I went around a bend and my purse fell over and there went my phone.

Thank goodness I had out of town guests and made them help. My friend C found the phone in the

backseat lodged between the mat and the console. God bless her. Did you do anything stupid this




  1. I'm with you on the phone stuff. I never listen to messages. If you know me, you know the only way to reach me is via text.

  2. I'm pretty sure I did something stupid this week...but I choose not to remember. The whole voicemail thing? I hate them. As a matter of fact, I pretty much hate talking on the phone period (except to my mom). My sister and I have entire conversations via text. That's why they made the voice-to-text feature :-)

  3. Big week for you!!! The phone thing, I have so done that!!