Friday, August 16, 2013

The Friday 5, Five things You Don't know


Five Things You May Not Know About Me

1) When I was younger I was terrified of the Loch Ness monster. When it came out that it was fake, I

wanted to personally assault the man who came up with the idea of Nessie for the years of torment

that he caused me.

2) The show hoarders is one of the only things keeping me from letting my hoarding tendencies take

 over our home. The show scares me to pieces, as does our garage.

3) I have lived in 3 different states; and I think that they are hands down 3 of the best states in the

USA. Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia have brought us the Steelers, The

WVU Mountaineers, Primanti sandwiches, fries on salads, gorgeous scenery & beaches and my


A primanti's sandwich, yummy

4)I am obsessed with my cats. Especially Minnie the, "cat only a mother could love." If it wasn't for

John enacting  our "no more pet" rule I would be the cat lady.

           "How to store and organize your cats"

5)I was the last person in the world to stop believing in Santa Claus, last year.


  1. I love your stories! The cat organizer is a great idea;we have THREE! Well, we had two,and a baby kitten that was in front of a recently vacant house came right up to us as we were jogging by.Scotty took her home and named her "Zilla!"

  2. You're wrong about Minnie. Her Aunt Erin loves her, too! LOL I knew 2 out of 5. Should I admit that? Did you have to stop believing in Santa because you had to start BEING Santa for E? lol

  3. hmmm, I'm a NC girl, so I will have to say we have the best beaches :-) That sandwich however, looks pretty freaking amazing!

  4. Stopping back from your comment on my page (via the blog hop). :) I was laughing out loud at your LN monster story!! :) So funny!!